Easy Air System

The E.A.S. "Air-Rator" Improving Grassland Productivity

The fixed 3 meter width unit.

Or the all new 4.5 meter folding version.

We have spent literally years researching what works and what doesn't when it comes to aeration units. So in the end we put together all our learning and built our own! In both fixed width and folding arm design, these machines are probably the best in Europe in terms of value for money. Designed to give years of valuable service, through careful consideration to each and every part and feature. (watch the video). We are able to build bespoke designs if you think you want something slightly out of the ordinary.

These machines are designed to relieve all the problems known to arise through soil compaction.

Compaction in the root zone, causes poaching and sod pulling. In Winter, surface water cannot get away and the ground gets poached by stock. Compaction impedes root development and in summer shallow rooted grass suffers from “sod pulling" because it is more readily pulled out by grazing animals.

Edwards bespoke "Air-Rators" are the most efficient implements for relieving compaction in grassland and deliver:

  • Increased grassland productivity
  • Better utilisation of slurry
  • Reduced expenditure on NPK
  • Lower carbon footprint

The "Air-Rators" robust engineering, working efficiency and here are the benefits it brings to grassland productivity and the environment.


  • Relieving compaction and introducing oxygen into the anaerobic soils increases beneficial biological activity and renders soil conditions less hospitable to potential pathogens
  • Physical opening of soil structure improves surface drainage and the absorption of slurry and winter rainfall which reduces the risk of runoff and pollution to water courses
  • More open soil structure mitigates against the build up of excessive chlorides, sodium and iron all of which can have an adverse effect on animal performance
  • Increased mycorrizial activity combined with better soil structure encourages more effective root development and nutrient uptakes by the grass and the animal
  • Increased rooting activity improves access to trace elements
  • Poaching and sod pulling are both reduced
  • Tolerance to drought increases
  • Leys will persist longer with more grazing days per season
  • Longer lasting leys means less need for ploughing and reseeding which reduces costs and the risk of leaching nitrates and phosphate
  • A more effective microbial population fixes nitrogen for free and improves the utilization of applied fertilisers
  • Aerated soils absorb slurry more readily and manorial values are more effectively used
  • Need for bagged NPK is reduced
  • Less poaching in wet weather and less sod pilling in summer reduces soil ingestion by ruminants and the associated risk of copper molybdenum lock up
  • Well aerated soils warm up faster in the spring and recover faster after grazing / cutting

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Machines in Action.

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Soil Testing

Here at EAS, we can provide you with everything from a simple soil test, to an indepth Albrecht soil survey and full tissue sample along with an extensive and informative written report, advisory application spreadsheet and Laboratory feedback.

Soil Fertilisers

We can provide a bespoke solution to your crop nutrition needs based upon current soil analysis. Avoiding unnecessary applications of costly fertiliser means is better for the environment and better for your business.


The Edward's Agricultural manufactured Easy Air System 'Air-Rator', gives the farmer robust engineering, working efficiency and the many benefits it brings to grassland productivity and the environment.
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