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Below are a range of sample reports that you can receive after we have carried out various tests on your land / soil. Here at Edwards Agricultural Supplies, we go the extra mile in ensuring that you get all the information you need to make the right decision for your land, your animals and your business!

File Name Last Updated Type Option
Haylage / Hay Analysis 23/06/2015 (PDF)
Field Example Report 23/06/2015 (XLS)
Sample Report Letter 23/06/2015 (DOCX)
Grass tissue report 23/06/2015 (PDF)
Field test report 23/06/2015 (XLSX)
SSM Soil Report Option 2 23/06/2015 (PDF)
SSM Soil Report Option 3 23/06/2015 (PDF)

Download Information?

See sample reports that we provide when utilising our services.

Machines in Action.

Watch videos and see how they can help you with your project.

Soil Testing

Here at EAS, we can provide you with everything from a simple soil test, to an indepth Albrecht soil survey and full tissue sample along with an extensive and informative written report, advisory application spreadsheet and Laboratory feedback.

Soil Fertilisers

We can provide a bespoke solution to your crop nutrition needs based upon current soil analysis. Avoiding unnecessary applications of costly fertiliser means is better for the environment and better for your business.


The Edward's Agricultural manufactured Easy Air System 'Air-Rator', gives the farmer robust engineering, working efficiency and the many benefits it brings to grassland productivity and the environment.
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