After 15 years of home building work, our acre garden looked like a building site, Dave advised what we could achieve and how to do it. He loaned us the equipment to create an environment where we now have a stunning half acre lawn. He supplied all the seed and fertiliser we needed after soil testing the ground. He made it sound easy to achieve and it was. Thanks Dave and team for helping out. Great job.

Kate and Bill, Ludlow

I met Dave at the Kington show in 2013. We discussed the problems I was having and how I wanted to reinstate one particular grass field, and improve production on the rest of the farm. The majority of the fields contain some rushes and are typical hill farm fields. Dave took a series of in-depth soil samples in Spring 2014 and with the written laboratory feedback, he was able to advise me on which fertilisers would give the best potential return on my money and assist in achieving my goals. The fields were fertilised with a natural combination of phosphates, potash and trace elements, which is a seaweed based solution. This was applied and worked into the seedbed. We chose one particular field to reinstate and opted for Oliver's Sentry grass seed and extra chicory. The field was drained, ploughed & limed because of the existing pH being so low. It was planted in early July 2014, with the results very clear in the attached photograph taken in September 2014. In 2014 I met Dave at Kington show again, and told him he needed to come and see what had happened. The photo attached says a thousand words. We are very pleased with the products, but also the support we received from David during the whole project.

Andrew and Angharad Cullen

We called in Edward Agricultural Supplies after we came out of organic farming, but we had already decided we wanted to continue with low inputs and without chemical fertilisers. David analysed the soil and gave us advice of how we could improve production, this involved a grass land aerator and application of liquid seaweed fertiliser, a natural based product. Our fields of tall thin grass at mowing had become a lush dense crop of quality grass. Even our neighbours were asking what we had done to improve the fields so much.

Edwin and Mary Everall - Ashley Moor Farm, Ludlow

Dave visited and did a Albecht soil report, showing we did not actually need lime, which we were constantly spreading. He advised application of Magnesium as the ph was low on chalk soil. With this and liquid seaweed we have greatly increased our bushel weights and yields across the whole farm. In addition during dryer periods, the extended root growth has kept the crops greener and healthier.

Richard Vant - Riggs Hill Farm, Kent

With the continuing bad weather and lack of grass, we have been feeding our sheep and cattle on EAS "DUO" mix all winter. All the animals are in excellent condition and without a hefty bill for feed stuffs. We are really pleased!

Edwin and Jen Morris - Longlands Farm, Ludlow

Before we came across Edwards Agricultural Supplies, our lawns were yellow and full of moss. After David completed a soil test in summer 2011 and applied the necessary supplements to rebalance the soil, by spring 2012 we had very healthy and green lawns. These are still in excellent condition now.

Mr G Orchard - Milson, Shropshire

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